See What Makes Whitney Center So Special

A staff member assists a resident at the front desk of Whitney Center

Attentive Staff

Four seniors gathered at a bar, having drinks and sharing a laugh with the bartender


A well-dressed man and woman smile and pose for a photo


A senior man and woman dressed in bike gear, standing next to bikes and chatting


A smiling senior woman leans against a wooden railing on one of Whitney Center's on-campus walking trails

Inviting Paths

Four senior men holding golf clubs, gathered near a bench

Putting Green

A middle-aged couple smile as they walk in a park-like setting on a summer day


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A senior couple playing billiards in a Whitney Center common room


A smiling senior man and woman sitting in armchairs have a conversation in one of Whitney Center's common rooms


A senior couple smile and pose in front of a tree


A senior woman walking a small dog on one of Whitney Center's nature trails

Walking Trails

A young male staff member assists a smiling senior woman on the treadmill in the Whitney Center fitness center

Fitness Center

A senior man with white hair and a white beard puts the finishing touches on a painting he has created

Resident Art

A medical staff member assists a middle-aged woman in a wheelchair


Two middle-aged couples relaxing on a sofa at Whitney Center


A middle-aged woman in a pink sweater smiles as she prunes a rose bush


A white dinner plate with a salmon steak, garnished with carrots and greens

Main Course

A slice of cheesecake and berries displayed on a white plate


A senior woman picking out a piece of fruit at The Bistro, Whitney Center's casual and take-out dining cafeteria

The Bistro

A senior man exercising on a Lifecycle at Whitney Center's state-of-the-art fitness center

Cardio Workout

Whitney Center's beautiful lily pad pond, featuring a small statue of a crane

Lilly Pad Pond

Landscaped area outside the Whitney Center building


Several residents enjoying the outdoor patio terrace of Whitney Center

Dining Al Fresco

Whitney Center seen from the outside on a summer day with puffy clouds in the sky


Two senior women relaxing in the water at the edge of a swimming pool


Four colorful framed art pieces displayed on a gallery wall

Art Gallery

A hallway at Whitney Center, with works of art displayed on the walls, easels and pedestals

Cultural Arts Center

A senior couple with a picnic basket smile for a photo


A well-dressed senior couple smile while posing for a photo


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