People choose Whitney Center for a variety of reasons. Find out why Whitney Center is the senior living choice for so many dynamic and interesting people.


People choose Whitney Center for a variety of reasons. Find out why Whitney Center is the senior living choice for so many dynamic and interesting people.

Upon Herb’s retirement, we returned to New Haven because we wanted to be in a place with few of the hassles of a huge metropolitan area but with many of its benefits—an abundance of cultural resources, entertainment options, first-rate medical facilities, ready access to major cities when the spirit moves us, and ease of movement in the local environment, among others. We never regretted our decision! Consequently, when it seemed prudent to consider a transition to a Life Care are community, we were delighted to have Whitney Center at hand. We’re able to continue taking advantage of all that the New Haven area offers while at the same time enjoying the friendships, amenities, events, fun and so much more that Whitney Center offers.

Herb and RuthWhitney Center Residents

We wanted to be in a vibrant community. And we wanted to feel like our heath care would be taken care of for life. Since we have about 50 years of living in this area, enjoying things like restaurants, theatre, friends, and music, Whitney Center was the perfect place for us.

Steve & Georgia J.Whitney Center Residents

I’m as independent here as I was in my condo – except now I’ve got friends all around. That makes a big difference. By moving in before I needed care, I’m able to take advantage of everything Whitney Center has to offer.

Trudy B.Whitney Center Resident

My wife and I are the second generation of our family to be living at Whitney Center. One of the main reasons is that when illness or injury has occurred we not only have been able to have needed care in our apartments, but also the patient receiving care in the medical unit has been able to have frequent visits from family without the necessity of transportation or even leaving our residential building. This is so important for seniors of all ages to be surrounded by friends in either location and by very competent Whitney Center staff. We are very impressed that so many diagnostic issues can be discovered and treated by medical staff in the building that is our home.

Robert L.Whitney Center Resident

At Whitney Center, I live the way I’ve always lived, only now life’s much easier! I have more time to play tennis at my club, more opportunities to garden, and more time to travel to and from my pottery class in New Haven. I’ve even taken up a few new hobbies – I take piano lessons right in my apartment and have joined the community choral group. It’s been a wonderful two years.

Jerlea H.Whitney Center Resident

One of the major concerns I had before moving to Whitney Center was losing my current lifestyle. I have found that not to be the case. For example, one of my primary hobbies is collecting and operating Postwar Lionel® trains. With the assistance of the staff and other residents, I have been able to continue my hobby, though on a smaller scale, since moving to Whitney Center. I have an operating Lionel Train layout on a table constructed in the Whitney Center’s workshop. It is in a primary location next to the South Building’s main entrance, where residents and visitors can view and enjoy it.

Jim H.Whitney Center Resident

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