Our Board of Directors

The volunteer board of directors of Whitney Center has the overall responsibility for the community. Primary duties include the approval of capital expenditures and operating budgets, and conducting an annual review of the insurance coverage on Whitney Center’s property and personnel.

Excellence in Senior Living – Our mission is the expression of our organization’s belief that every individual, regardless of age, physical ability, or cognitive capacity, has the inalienable and self-determined right to engage in life toward the pursuit of their personal fulfillment. It guides our continual development of programs and services that strive to meet the wide variety of changing needs and preferences of the individuals and families we serve, with the goal of enhancing experiences at every opportunity.

Whitney Center will be a recognized leader in senior living services, the model of innovation and quality for consumers, providers, and regulatory agencies.

In carrying out our mission as a not-for-profit organization, we abide by principles that underlie every aspect of our organization’s activities. Whitney Center’s employees and board members are committed to these core values:

Community: Speak and act to positively impact relationships

  • The building blocks of our organization are the relationships between our stakeholders (customers, employees, volunteers, business partners, broader community) and therefore require constant care and nurturing.
  • We have a responsibility, as a corporate citizen of the Hamden and the greater New Haven community, to maintain collaborative relationships with our neighbors.
  • We provide leadership in the aging services industry by contributing resources and experience toward the improvement of services for older adults.

Respect: Treat others as they want to be treated

  • We believe that every employee and customer is an independent and self-determining individual, each worthy of the utmost respect for their voice, individuality, and experience.
  • We understand & appreciate that aging is a lifelong process in which learning and growth opportunities are integral to maintaining a fulfilled lifestyle.
  • We promote work and living experiences that enable customers and employees to continuously enhance their dimensions of well-being (physical, nutritional, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and vocational).

Excellence: Do something today to be better tomorrow

  • We believe in striving continuously to deliver the highest quality experiences possible.
  • We aim to be the aging services provider of choice as well as the preferred employer in our market area.

Stewardship: Act as if Whitney Center’s success depends on you

  • Every employee and board member has a responsibility to protect the assets and the good name of Whitney Center.
  • We have the responsibility to advocate for the rights of all older adults.

Teamwork: Speak and act in a way that contributes to achievement of common goals

  • We believe that every employee and customer plays a significant role in the ongoing affairs of Whitney Center and, therefore, we seek to maximize opportunities for participation in all facets of our operations.
  • We believe that transparency and good communication are vital to a healthy organization.