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8 Facts About Skilled Nursing Care

May 4, 2018 No Comments

At Whitney Center, you’ll discover Skilled Nursing care that far surpasses society’s typical assumptions about advanced care in a community setting. As a 5-star rated community by Medicare, Whitney Center offers superior healthcare services and quality lifestyles. By recognizing our Skilled Nursing care as an integrated extension of our community’s continuum of care, we’ve created a unique style of advanced care that incorporates everything there is to love about Whitney Center.

Michael Rambarose, President and CEO of the Hamden, CT, Life Care community, shares how Whitney Center’s person-centered philosophy makes all the difference in senior care: “We never lose sight of the fact that our Skilled Nursing residents are people first rather than just patients. While their care needs are always first and foremost in our minds, so are their unique preferences and lifestyle choices. We don’t sacrifice our residents’ freedom or daily experiences just because they need additional care. They are still very much a part of the Whitney Center community in the Health Center as they were in an independent living suite.”

8 Facts About Whitney Center’s Skilled Nursing Care

If you’re still not convinced of the high-quality experience we provide for our Skilled Nursing residents, let us share a few facts about our program that combine for an unparalleled advanced care experience.

Consider the following about Whitney Center’s Skilled Nursing care:

1. It’s Available in the Community You Love – When Independent Living or Assisted Living residents require advanced medical care on a regular basis, they don’t have to worry about finding a new community to support their needs. Skilled Nursing care is available right on campus, connected to all the services, amenities and friends our residents know and love. We believe that an advanced care need shouldn’t take away a person’s lifestyle, so we’ve designed our program in a way it doesn’t have to.

2. You’re Part of a Family – Whether a Skilled Nursing resident has lived with us for years or just a few months, they are permanently integrated into a family of compassionate, supportive residents and staff. The dining staff knows them by name. Caregivers understand their personalities and can tell when something’s wrong – and they know how to make it right. Here, residents aren’t just a number. They’re each a unique individual that contributes to our family in a way only they can.

3. You Can Enjoy Private Accommodations – Erase every notion you may have about an institutionalized setting or structure. Whitney Center’s Skilled Nursing community is proud to make our residents feel comfortable and at home in their own private rooms. We also offer semi-private rooms for those who are looking for companionship as well as a more affordable option.

4. A range of Amenities and Activities – Skilled Nursing residents can still enjoy the vast range of amenities and activities that Whitney Center has to offer. Additionally, our Skilled Nursing program employs a full-time Life Enrichment Coordinator to plan enjoyable programs and activities that consider residents’ abilities and even promote better healing and recovery. Additionally, Skilled Nursing residents can enjoy their own dining room, family lounge, enclosed patio and spa. We also incorporate the Java Music Program and It’s Never 2 Late® technology services into our daily programming.

5. You Can Still Partake in the Culture – Our Health Center is a vital segment of our community, and skilled nursing residents can easily move about to their favorite areas within Whitney Center whenever they like. Residents are still a part of the unique culture we create, including our commitment to the arts and our greater community.

6. Designed to Meet Your Needs – As with everything we do at Whitney Center, our Skilled Nursing program is designed to fully meet the needs of each resident. With personalized care planning, we integrate physical, social, emotional and intellectual wellness goals into our overall plans for care. Residents can continue to enjoy all their favorite activities and routines, and an attentive caregiver is always near by to offer support if and when they need it.

7. Rehabilitation Is Included – Any rehabilitation services our Skilled Nursing residents may need is provided right in our Health Center. We partner with a qualified therapy firm to offer physical, speech and occupational therapies for residents who benefit from such services. We’re also proud to offer aquatic Rehabilitation Services. Working with the resident’s doctor, we can provide a therapy regimen to help them enjoy their best possible health.

8. Offers Peace of Mind – Whitney Center’s medical director is employed by the Northeast Medical Group, which is part of Yale-New Haven Hospital and is affiliated with Yale University School of Medicine. Not only are we proud to offer the highest quality medical care available but we’re happy to say that such distinguished care offers our residents and their families great peace of mind. Whether it’s our Independent Living residents planning for their future or current Skilled Nursing residents in need of support, we are confident in providing the best care to meet their present and future needs.

“In everything we do, we put our residents first,” says Rambarose. “Our person-centered philosophy enables us to provide the best experiences for our seniors, whether they reside in Independent Living or Skilled Nursing. We know what it takes to create a first-class experience for those in our care.”

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