How Whitney Center Fosters Cultural, Educational & Spiritual Growth

How Whitney Center Fosters a Senior’s Cultural, Educational & Spiritual Growth

July 24, 2018 No Comments

There’s so much more to a healthy retirement than simply maintaining physical wellness. Your retirement is an opportunity to expand your heart and mind, try new things and get involved in meaningful ways within your community. You’re finally free to spend each day exactly as you choose, so why not make the most of it by opening yourself up to personal growth?

“Our cultural, educational and spiritual experiences contribute significantly to who we are,” says

Michael Rambarose, President and CEO of Whitney Center, a Life Care community in Hamden, CT. “Retirement can be a special time in one’s life when they tap into those experiences to create meaningful routines and lifestyles filled with purpose. At Whitney Center, it’s our mission to empower seniors to encounter cultural, spiritual and education growth through as many avenues as they can imagine.”

Community Connections: A Resource for Growth

Whitney Center is committed to forming strong relationships throughout the Greater New Haven community. By partnering with local organizations, non-profits and social groups, Whitney Center opens up countless possibilities for residents to engage in community happenings and be a part of organized events and volunteer opportunities. Not only does this help foster a sense of cultural growth for seniors, but it strengthens the surrounding community, too!

Isolation may be one of the most dangerous situations for today’s seniors, especially in terms of personal fulfillment. Whitney Center residents avoid the unhealthy patterns caused by loneliness and isolation by finding meaningful ways to get involved in the community. These opportunities provide social connections as well as intellectual and emotional stimulation, working to keep the mind, body and spirit happy and healthy.

A Look Inside Our Community Partnerships

Whitney Center residents as well as staff members take an active role in developing relationships with our neighbors and supporting programs that improve the quality of life within our community. Here are some of the ways these relationships nurture our residents’ cultural, educational and spiritual health:

Cultural Programs – Thanks to our location, seniors can experience plenty of culture in the Greater New Haven area. The arts are popular here, offering residents the chance to pursue their artistic passions by participating or simply supporting programs and attending performances. Some of the organizations we partner with include:

  • Arts Council of Greater New Haven
  • Elm Shakespeare Company
  • International Festival of Arts and Ideas
  • Long Wharf Theatre
  • Neighborhood Music School
  • New Haven Chorale
  • New Haven Symphony Orchestra
  • Shubert Theater

Educational Opportunities – While many activities offer the opportunity to learn something new, Whitney Center and the New Haven area help seniors enjoy educational experiences in a variety of ways. With Yale University right next door, residents benefit from the proximity to an Ivy League community. Whitney Center frequently hosts guest lecturers and other in-house events. In addition to the educational programs within our community, residents also partner with:

  • Highville Charter School
  • IRIS Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services
  • The Shoreline Trolley Museum

Spiritual Opportunities – Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, everyone can take steps to do something that strengthens the soul. At Whitney Center, many of our programs and partnerships involve humanitarian work that promotes charity and empathy, and ultimately spiritual growth in whatever form each individual is open to. Here are a few of our partnerships that empower residents to give back and grow:

  • Christian Community Action, Inc.
  • Alzheimer’s Association®
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Jewish Community Center of Greater New Haven
  • Play with Grace
  • The New Haven Community Soup Kitchen
  • Yale-New Haven Hospital
  • Yale Sustainable Food Program

Where You Never Stop Growing

“At Whitney Center, we’re proud to offer unique opportunities for seniors to embrace their best selves,” says Rambarose. “Through exceptional programming and community partnerships, we’re able to provide social, cultural, educational and spiritual experiences that give life more meaning. Of course, our residents have a lot to do with it themselves! Whitney Center residents are always finding new ways to put their talents and passions to good use to benefit not only themselves, but the greater good of our community.”

If you’re ready for a retirement marked by personal growth, call Whitney Center today to learn more about our remarkable lifestyle. Discover the incredible opportunities our community creates to help seniors grow and thrive throughout their retirement years.

Discover Excellence in Senior Living.

At Whitney Center, you’ll find a distinguished senior living community where residents do what they love. Located in Hamden, Connecticut, Whitney Center combines all the cultural, educational and historical charms of the Greater New Haven area with the intricate details of daily life for active seniors. Whitney Center is a Life Care community, offering not just an unparalleled independent living lifestyle, but a full continuum of care services as well, including assisted living, rehabilitation, skilled nursing care and memory care. Whitney Center even offers a home-based long-term care program, Thrive at Home, which connects seniors to the services they need to live well in their own home.

Choice. Freedom. Opportunity.

We believe that remaining engaged and striving for excellence builds a more meaningful life. That’s why residents experience a host of services and amenities, events and cultural opportunities and wellness programs designed to foster endless growth and personalized living. Backed by our first-rate hospitality and philosophy of continuous improvement, our residents are free to travel, learn, volunteer, set new goals and create the life they want to live.

Come Here to Thrive.

At Whitney Center, residents live in the midst of cultural arts and education and dignified connections to the greater community. Seniors thrive in pursuit of what brings them joy, with unlimited opportunities to create and contribute. And, with the confidence in quality care services available on site if health needs ever change, Whitney Center makes it possible for seniors to continue enjoying the freedom to embrace life at its fullest.

Contact Whitney Center today to learn more about our Life Care community!