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Preparing for Your Move to a Life Care Community

March 7, 2018 No Comments

Changing residences and moving to a new place can be stressful. For many seniors, the thought of moving can be overwhelming enough to keep them from even considering the benefits of a senior living community lifestyle. However, there are plenty of ways to prepare for a major move ahead of time. By considering both the logistics of the move and the emotional challenges you might encounter, you or your loved one can be ready to make the move to a senior living community when the time comes.

Michael Rambarose, President and CEO of Whitney Center, a Life Care community in Hamden, CT, has great advice when it comes to helping seniors move to community living. “The first step in preparing for the move is to be aware of yourself,” says Rambarose. “Moving can be a sentimental, nostalgic event. It’s important to face the emotions your move causes and address them in healthy ways. Then, your mind can be clear to focus on details of the move and, more importantly, the advantages you’re about to discover in your new lifestyle.”

Tips to Prepare for Your Move

Moving to a Life Care community like Whitney Center doesn’t have to be a burden. Of course, packing and transporting belongings may be time-consuming, but there are resources to help you ease these hassles. The best thing you can do (or do for your parent or loved one) is to plan ahead. Consider the greatest stressors you have about your move, and work with your community and people you trust to find solutions.

Consider the following tips to help make your move as smooth as possible:

  • Enjoy Downsizing – If you’ve been living in a large family home, it’s likely to be much larger than your home at a community. For some, living in a more manageable space is the main reason why they choose a community lifestyle. Take your move as an opportunity to remove the clutter from your life. At the same time, you can make some extra money by selling furniture, or donate lesser-valued items to a charity you admire. Consider downsizing your belongings to be an opportunity to release some of the material weight that’s been holding you down. You might also view this as a time to let go of some worries and fears that have been holding you back from the lifestyle you deserve.
  • Pack Your Essentials – Consider what you will need to furnish your new home ahead of your move. Some communities offer furnished apartments, while others encourage residents to bring their own furniture. Knowing what your new home offers will help you streamline your packing process. Also consider the items that you know will matter greatly to your comfort and sense of belonging. A favorite painting, throw pillows, or other decorations can help you feel at home in your new surroundings. While you may not need to bring your favorite armchair, having it by the window in your new apartment can offer great comfort and normalcy. Consider what is essential to you, and pack your belongings accordingly.
  • Start Moving Early – If you can, moving your belongings to your new community gradually can help you eliminate some of the stress of moving day. Ask your community when your apartment will be available, and see if you can transport the bulk of your items prior to moving in. As you move items and unpack boxes, you might realize items you forgot or have ideas for something else you may need in your new home. A gradual move will help you prepare to feel at home from the day you finally make the move.
  • Take Care of Details – Changing your address can be one of the most tedious (and often forgotten!) tasks involved with moving. Soon before your move-in date, arrange to change your address with the post office, as well as with any credit card companies, banks, lawyers, doctor’s offices and newspapers or magazines you subscribe to. Doing this ahead of time will make sure that you don’t miss any important information sent by mail in the interim of your move.
  • Get Involved – If you’re nervous about meeting new people or wondering where you’ll fit in at your community, don’t wait until to you move there to find out! You can attend special events and activities that your community hosts before you move in. Plan to participate in activities that interest you, attend social gatherings, and take as many opportunities as you wish to meet your new neighbors and learn about the social atmosphere of your community.
  • Connect Early On – As you visit your new community, try to find a member of the staff or executive team with whom you can connect regularly. Knowing someone who’s dedicated to ensuring resident satisfaction can help by giving you a resource for information and advice. Find someone you’re comfortable speaking with, either a community relationships staff member or the community’s executive director, who will be available to answer your questions both before and after your move. Building this relationship will also help you feel at home in a new community.

Ready to Welcome You Home

“At Whitney Center, we strive to create a place where seniors are excited to begin living a more engaging lifestyle,” says Rambarose. “For us, this process begins well before a resident moves in. Part of the joy for those working in senior living is to join our residents’ journeys and walk beside them to ensure every detail is in place to give them the lifestyle they deserve.

“A Life Care community such as Whitney Center also makes it easy to have confidence in the place residents call home. They know they’re moving to a place that will care for them for life. No matter what the future holds, our residents enjoy daily peace of mind knowing that we’ll take care of all of their needs.”

If you would like more guidance on preparing for your move to a Life Care community, reach out to the team at Whitney Center to learn more.

Discover Excellence in Senior Living.

At Whitney Center, you’ll find a distinguished senior living community where residents do what they love. Located in Hamden, Connecticut, Whitney Center combines all the cultural, educational and historical charms of the Greater New Haven area with the intricate details of daily life for active seniors. Whitney Center is a Life Care community, offering not just an unparalleled independent living lifestyle, but a full continuum of care services as well, including assisted living, rehabilitation, skilled nursing care and memory care. Whitney Center even offers a home-based long-term care program, Thrive at Home, which connects seniors to the services they need to live well in their own home.

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We believe that remaining engaged and striving for excellence builds a more meaningful life. That’s why residents experience a host of services and amenities, events and cultural opportunities and wellness programs designed to foster endless growth and personalized living. Backed by our first-rate hospitality and philosophy of continuous improvement, our residents are free to travel, learn, volunteer, set new goals and create the life they want to live.

Come Here to Thrive.

At Whitney Center, residents live in the midst of cultural arts and education and dignified connections to the greater community. Seniors thrive in pursuit of what brings them joy, with unlimited opportunities to create and contribute. And, with the confidence in quality care services available on site if health needs ever change, Whitney Center makes it possible for seniors to continue enjoying the freedom to embrace life at its fullest.

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