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The Prescription for a Stress-Free Senior Living Lifestyle

August 22, 2020 No Comments

No phase of life is immune to stress. Retirement can be a stressful time for seniors when health issues, financial planning concerns or conflicting living options come into play. Fortunately, there are habits that anyone can adopt in order to relieve stress and tension in their lives, but it also helps to solve the issues that create stress in the first place.

Michael Rambarose, President and CEO of Whitney Center, a Life Care Community in Hamden, CT, says that senior living can do wonders to eliminate many of the stressors that seniors deal with. “Moving to a senior living community, especially a Life Care Community like Whitney Center, erases many common worries seniors have about their current lifestyle and their future,” says Rambarose. “Not only have they made a secure, smart investment in their present and future health care, but they’ve chosen to live in a place where they can access an array of stress-relieving solutions.”

Senior living may not be the answer for every senior experiencing stress, but we believe it can certainly help foster a stress-free lifestyle!

How Senior Living Helps Relieve Stress

Because stress during retirement can have many different causes, there’s no single remedy that works for everyone. Depending on the cause of your stress, the right solution for you can look very different than your friend’s or spouse’s. However, at Whitney Center, our wellness programs, care services and lifestyle options are flexible and tailored to meet the needs of every resident, creating a fulfilled and stress-free way of life.

Here are just a few ways senior living can help relieve senior stress:

  • No More Maintenance – Life at a senior living community eliminates the hassles of seemingly endless chores that need done around the house. Maintenance is covered, along with housekeeping, laundry and cooking. Additionally, residents never have to worry about a major home repair devastating their monthly budget or peace of mind. At a senior living community, you’re already covered!
  • Financial Peace – Although many seniors shy away from senior living due to worries about the cost, moving to a Life Care Community (formerly known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community) is a smart way to secure your current quality of life and future livelihood. As a Life Care resident, your money not only goes toward your present living accommodations and services, but also pays for any care services you might need down the road. And because advanced care is available right on campus, you won’t have to leave the home you love to receive care.
  • Fulfilling Lifestyle – Whitney Center is proud to be home to vibrant seniors who enjoy countless opportunities for a rewarding lifestyle. We do our best to make sure each resident has a path to fulfillment – however they define it! We also offer dozens of amenities right on campus that can help to alleviate the daily stresses and tensions our residents might experience. According to Harvard Medical School, the best ways for seniors to relieve stress include:
  • Physical activity – Engaging in regular physical activity is a great way to balance chemicals in your brain to reduce stress and stay positive. Whitney Center helps residents stay active with a state-of-the-art fitness center and indoor pool. We host exercise classes and employ personal trainers to help seniors enjoy the best workout experiences possible.
  • Four-legged friends – Despite the responsibilities involved, experts say that pets can do wonders to alleviate stress with their unconditional love and companionship. Whitney Center is a proud pet-friendly community and even boasts a beautiful dog park.
  • Shift perspective – Activities that help the mind and body are good for relieving stress because they offer a renewed perspective to one’s problems. Activities such as meditation can also take the form of relaxation, art, music and more. Whitney Center offers plenty of avenues for residents to participate in relaxing, meditative endeavors that help them refocus their mind and renew their energy.

A Prescription for Stress-Free Living

Whitney Center is full of opportunities to help seniors live stress-free lifestyles. From the peace of mind that comes from knowing your future is in good hands, to experiencing vibrant programs and luxurious amenities that make life rewarding, there are so many possibilities for each resident to discover their own prescription for a stress-free senior living lifestyle.

If you’d like to know more about Whitney Center and how senior living can eliminate the stressors in your life, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to discuss how you can start experiencing the benefits of senior living today!

Discover Excellence in Senior Living.

At Whitney Center, you’ll find a distinguished senior living community where residents do what they love. Located in Hamden, Connecticut, Whitney Center combines all the cultural, educational and historical charms of the Greater New Haven area with the intricate details of daily life for active seniors. Whitney Center is a Life Care community, offering not just an unparalleled independent living lifestyle, but a full continuum of care services as well, including assisted living, rehabilitation, skilled nursing care and memory care. Whitney Center even offers a home-based long-term care program, Thrive at Home, which connects seniors to the services they need to live well in their own home.

Choice. Freedom. Opportunity.

We believe that remaining engaged and striving for excellence builds a more meaningful life. That’s why residents experience a host of services and amenities, events and cultural opportunities and wellness programs designed to foster endless growth and personalized living. Backed by our first-rate hospitality and philosophy of continuous improvement, our residents are free to travel, learn, volunteer, set new goals and create the life they want to live.

Come Here to Thrive.

At Whitney Center, residents live in the midst of cultural arts and education and dignified connections to the greater community. Seniors thrive in pursuit of what brings them joy, with unlimited opportunities to create and contribute. And, with the confidence in quality care services available on site if health needs ever change, Whitney Center makes it possible for seniors to continue enjoying the freedom to embrace life at its fullest.

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