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Psychological Benefits of Socialization for Aging Adults

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When it comes to senior health, experts in the field are quick to share best practices and advice on maintaining physical wellness, utilizing habits such as a good diet, exercise, balance and flexibility training and more. Occasionally, keeping an active social life is included in this list for its potential to get seniors moving and improving cognitive health. Although these benefits of social activity are great, socialization has so much more to offer aging adults. Read More

Talking with Your Family About Your Retirement Plans

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Making decisions about your retirement – where you want to live, how you’ll protect your assets, what kind of care you want should you ever need it – are no small tasks. As we get further into our retirement, our perspectives might change as the result of health concerns, new grandkids or the state of our finances. Once we’ve made these important plans, we need to share them with the people closest to us. Read More

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Developing Meaningful Social Connections During Your Golden Years

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Once our kids move out of the house and we retire from careers, it may seem as though our daily social opportunities shrink. If we’re not intentional about connecting with others outside our home, retirement can quickly become an isolating experience. We no longer have the same routines that made social interaction a natural occurrence, so we have to come up with new ways of connecting with others on a regular basis. Read More