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Whitney Center

Won’t Be Stopped

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By Pamela McLoughlin

NORTH BRANFORD >> Alex Bode, 26, has a rare degenerative neuromuscular disorder that has stolen her ability to walk and severely compromised her movement, hearing, eyesight, speech, cardiac state and spine. Read More

Memories of Maple Sugaring

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When I saw Floyd Caplan’s delightful paintings of sugarhouses and other lovely rural scenes while walking the corridors of Whitney Center, I was reminded of my days as a schoolkid helping to gather maple sap. That was on our family farm in Conway, Massachusetts, about thirteen miles south of the Vermont border in the foothills of the Berkshires, just west of Interstate 91. Read More


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This is how close I came to derailing Charles’s career. Charles graduated from Harvard College—and Harvard Medical School with honors. This was enough to alert the deans of the schools to the possibility that Charles could be a candidate for one of the faculty positions. Read More

My Two Mothers

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How best to write about my two mothers? The one who brought me to the beach or the one who taught me to swim? The one who nursed me through a myriad of childhood illnesses (some serious), or the one who was squeamish but shared my room until I was thirteen? Read More

A Night at the Opera

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By: Mary Davis

Published in Whitney Word – Volume 32, No. 5 – October 2016

There are not only many nights at the opera but afternoons and evenings of opera at local cinemas. These simulcasts have even evolved into Simulcast Encores, popular because crowds of opera lovers have been turned away from the first filming despite the fact that four of twelve theatres have had Renee Fleming warbling bel canto simultaneously. So Eve sat alone at the encore. Read More

Simplified Comprehensive

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By: John E. Fenn

Published in Whitney Word – Volume 32, No. 5 – October 2016

It was June of 1949 as I anticipated beginning my senior year of high school and dreamed of college and then medical school, if all went well. I was fortunate to be offered a summer position as a volunteer in the research laboratory of Dr. Harry S. N. Greene, a leader in the Yale Department of Pathology and ultimately the chairman of that department.  Read More